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All About Chemistry lyrics
All About Chemistry (2001)

Semisonic struck a chord with barflies all over the world in 1998 with the breezy, free-flowing hit "Closing Time." The song was hard to resist, but with their third time out, the Minneapolis trio fails to capitalize on the chemistry that elevated earlier efforts. Instead, the majority of the 12-song CD is forced and humorless, lacking even the merest hint of irony that would have elevated "Get a Grip" (a paean to masturbation), to campus-classic status. Rather, the band weighs down their songs with earnestness. With "Act Naturally" and "She's Got My Number," singer-songwriter Dan Wilson cautions against his secrets being revealed. He disregards his own advice with "One True Love," which features the soaring vocals of '70s chanteuse Carole King, who elevates the track above everything else on All About Chemistry. --Jaan Uhelszki

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