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Btnhresurrection lyrics
Btnhresurrection (2000)

Few things are as potentially embarrassing as a moment in popular culture whose time has just passed. Worse still is when it reappears, insisting upon its continued relevance. Such is the case with this Bone Thugs-N-Harmony reunion album. The platinum-selling Eazy-E protégés break off yet another piece of their double-time sing-song rhyme style, while once more celebrating gangsta themes to the exclusion of almost everything else. (One new development: in one song, they add Ecstasy to their regimen of ganja, ganja, and ganja.) For all that, BTNHResurrection is a pristine work of production; those who didn't find the group's act tedious the first time around might not mind hearing more of the same. --Rickey Wright

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