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Creatures (1999)

Clan of Xymox made two albums for 4AD Records in the mid '80s, the label's heyday--and, it turns out, the band's as well. Clan of Xymox (1985) and Medusa (1986) were perfect slices of moody, lovelorn gothic pop--reminiscent of New Order, only more morose. But the band fragmented shortly after, shedding members, reducing its name to simply Xymox, and releasing halfhearted plays to the dance floor that failed to make an impression. Creatures is an attempt to recapture some of the Dutch band's past glory. It's not a comeback album (that was 1998's Hidden Faces) but rather a we're-serious-about-coming-back album. Sole original member Ronny Moorings leads a fairly tight ensemble through 11 tracks that echo in style the muscular gothic rock of Sisters of Mercy and the emotive balladry of Diary of Dreams. Standouts include the catchy, retro-gothic dance tune "Jasmine and Rose," the industrial-tinged "Crucified," and the dirgelike "Creature." It's definitely not the Clan of Xymox of old, but fans of straight-ahead gothic rock will find a lot to like here. --Steve Landau

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