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Indecent Proposal lyrics
Indecent Proposal (2001)

Praised by knob twiddlers around the globe for his schizophrenic, digitalized, genre-bending soundscapes that were first heard on Ginuwine's "Pony" in 1996, Timbaland could be expected to employ the same hit-making formula, right? Well, yes and no. On Timbaland's third release with rhyme collaborator Magoo, his drum programming and beat structures continue their funkified, futuristic trajectories on "Humin," an ode to club hoppers who forget to use their Listerine, and "People Like Myself," with its off-kilter Middle Eastern samples. However, the jury's been out on the nasal-toned, Q-Tip-sound-alike Magoo since 1998's Tim's Bio, and Tim's commitment to introduce a retooled Magoo to the rap public's jaded consciousness is part of the problem with this release. As the featured emcee on a large bulk of the tracks, Magoo's mic skills get outclassed most of the time by guests like Jay-Z and Tung Twista on "Party People" and Ludacris on "Considerate Brother."

Magoo's shortcomings notwithstanding, Indecent Proposal is a must purchase for many reasons. It provides contemporary beatmakers with some more lessons in futuristic beat construction (peep "Indian Carpet"); there's a hot collaboration featuring singer-songwriter Beck in a duet with the late Aaliyah ("I'm Music"), and more lovely ballads by Aaliyah ("Love Me"). Lastly, Tim claims that he will not be releasing any more albums after this one so here's your chance to cop the last full-length recording from one of the most eclectic producers in the contemporary rap and R&B game. --Dalton Higgins

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