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Kerosene Hat lyrics
Kerosene Hat (1993)

Many alternative-rock fans considered Camper Van Beethoven an important band, but I wasn't among them. Guitarist/vocalist David Lowerey always seemed smarmy and ridiculously happy with his own cleverness. Lowrey's new band, Cracker, has the potential to be even more annoying, since the quartet places the spotlight solely on its leader and songwriter, but its self-titled 1992 debut was a strong effort with a smart, infectious single ("Teen Angst"), and Kerosene Hat is even better. Recorded with stripped- down simplicity on an abandoned soundstage at the edge of the Mojave desert, the album concentrates on the band's undeniably catchy country-flavored garage punk. "Go For A Ride" is perfect highway music, and the single "Low" is almost as good as "Teen Angst." Unfortunately, the most inspired title and song topic-"Hi Desert Biker Meth Lab"-turns out to be wasted on a short snippet of noise and studio chatter. --Jim DeRogatis

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