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Man Vs Machine lyrics
Man Vs Machine (2002)

Everything super-producer Dr. Dre touches turns into the platinum that Juvenile rocks in his grill; white gold, at minimum. Yet, interestingly, Man vs. Machine is an example of what happens when rap's finest talents go superstar collabo-hunting: the magic remains just where it started--on paper. Do Eminem's verbal jabs at Jermaine Dupri on "My Name" add anything to the Xzibit mix? Nope. And is that Dr. Dre producing the beats of a mere mortal on the Nate Dogg-assisted "Multiply"? Absolutely. Conceptually, "Release Date," a provocative first-person look at what goes through a prison inmate's mind just before being discharged, showcases what you'd come to expect from an Xzibit track: rugged beats, even nastier rhymes. However, the track's production by the much-fêted Rockwilder is an afterthought. So clearly, when the X-man sticks to his growling flows over purist beats by DJ Premier ("What a Mess"), or with the similarly gritty M.O.P. ("BK to LA"), the results are splendid. But with Dre and company on board, X seems to lose some of his focus and organic luster. Put in perspective, Xzibit's fourth release is arguably better than most of the West Coast pabulum out this year. However, considering all the star power assembled, this one falls short of expectations. --Dalton Higgins

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