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Mi Sangre lyrics
Mi Sangre (2004)

Mi Sangre meets--and often exceeds--the glittering standards set by its predecessors. The album fuses the best elements of Juanes' previous works, Un Dia Normal and Fijate Bien, to create a collection that is exciting, energetic and thought-provoking. Lead-off single "Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor" ("I'm Worthless Without Your Love") is a bittersweet mix of alternately hopeful and sad lyrics ("That's why I want your love, always strong in my mind/Even if we are far, or even if we are near, in the end") that could be a simple declaration of amor or a love letter from a war-time soldier. Social issues are highlighted throughout Mi Sangre, which finds Juanes directly addressing Colombian warfare. "What's happening in the world today," he asks amid the passionate rock rhythms of "Que Pasa," "that in all the dailies I read the same news of horror, lives that fall without reason?" Mi Sangre is a compulsive listen, with surprises at every turn. Juanes gets flirty during "Damelo," which finds him sizing up a potential lover; and "Para Tu Amor" is a swoon-inducing pop ballad that glitters with optimism. Producer Gustavo Santaolalla knows his way around the alt-rock world, having worked with Maldita Vecindad, Café Tacuba, Molotov, and Julieta Venegas. He co-produced Jaunes' previous albums, and the pair's synergy is nothing short of exceptional. "Tu Guardian," the album closer, is a sweet lullaby that seems tailor-made for Jaunes' eight-month-old daughter, Luna. It's here that Juanes' electric display of blood, sweat, and tears proves why Mi Sangre is one of the year's best releases. --Joey Guerra

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