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My Private Nation lyrics
My Private Nation (2003)

Train is building a reputation as one of rock’s tightest outfits one single at a time. The clever and sweet "Meet Virginia" was eclipsed by the gorgeous "Drops of Jupiter." My Private Nation may well prove these guys can squeeze more than one hit out of the album--although none are as enchanting as their breakthrough single. They continue to gravitate toward Elton John-inspired keys-and-guitar arrangements that are marked by studied rhythms and stellar production. While there's inventiveness to be found in these songs, there’s a sameness to the tracks that makes the album as a whole fall a little flat. While attempting to recapture the grandeur of "Drops of Jupiter" on the opening song, "Calling All Angels," they overreach, and the pop-culture references scattered throughout date almost instantly. My Private Nation is a clean, intelligent disc, but it's also safe and middle of the road. Train’s fans would be richly rewarded if the band took a few more risks. --Beth Massa

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