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Put It In Your Mouth lyrics
Put It In Your Mouth (1996)

For some strange reason, very few MCs have managed to display their comedic abilities on the mic. Not so Akinyele, who flips the tip in different directions depending on his mood; with a roughneck voice and a delivery akin to Busta Rhymes's (and the remarkable vocal agility to ape Biz Markie when the occasion calls for it), Ak manages to have it both ways. While he does a nice job on this EP's straight-up rap songs, it's the title cut that distinguishes this CD: "Put It in Your Mouth" is, easily, the lewdest hip-hop song out there. An ode to oral sex of all varieties, it's the type of thing Redd Foxx would be doing if he had been born at the right time; that it's also an insanely melodic single with a singable chorus makes it a must for parties. --Randy Silver

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