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The Art Of Losing lyrics
The Art Of Losing (2003)

American Hi-Fi singer Stacy Jones knows that the real cost of a failed relationship isn't the risk of eternal loneliness, but the possibility of losing your favorite CDs. "One more thing before you go / Would you please give my records back / My Bloody Valentine, the Pixies, Cheap Trick, and Back in Black," the former Veruca Salt drummer desperately imparts to his ex in "The Breakup Song." No doubt, these are hallowed objects to the doe-eyed frontman. American Hi-Fi's second release is a virtual tribute to Jones's modern-rock record collection, mining everyone from Sonic Youth ("Teenage Alien Nation") to Bow Wow Wow ("The Art of Losing") to Oasis ("This Is the Sound") while preserving American Hi-Fi's own endearing pop-punk identity. With producer Nick Launay, the band reins in the prankishness of its self-titled debut, which launched the hit "Flavor of the Weak," and makes a determined bid to walk among its idols. --Aidin Vaziri

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