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Traces Of My Lipstick lyrics
Traces Of My Lipstick (1998)

Two years from the two-triple-zero and there's still a huge gap between the musical tastes of black folk and white folk. Case in point: Xscape. Despite having gone platinum and being two CDs deep (Traces of My Lipstick is their third), chances are that their music and names would register a big head scratch in most melanin-challenged homes. Part of that may be image--these ladies have been known to look a tad, uh, rough--or that the Atlanta-based group has been handed songs (usually by the unctuous Jermaine Dupri) that aren't as slick or pop-friendly as some of those other gals' hits. Not so on this CD, which finds the women mainly concentrating on sexy ballads, most of which have to do with playing around or being played on, and decidedly mainstream material like "The Arms of the One Who Loves You." Written and produced by Diane "That's a Hit!" Warren, the track is all blown-up passion and ersatz soul: all the better for breaking Xscape's strong and sultry harmonies out of the confines of black radio. --Amy Linden

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