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You Made Me lyrics
You Made Me (2004)

Josh Todd, former singer of the hard rock band Buckcherry, reads alternate-historical fiction in his spare time. He's especially fond of tales of parallel Americas, ones where the warring tribes of metal and rap never made peace. In those Americas, Todd would be a rock star. Unfortunately, like Howard the Duck, he's trapped in world he never made; his resolute brand of glam-laced metal risks falling on teen ears unaccustomed to the feral joys of Guns N' Roses and Slayer, among the many black-clad outfits from whom he and his backing band borrow liberally. If this solo debut has no single song with the immediate power of Buckcherry's "Lit Up" or "Ridin'," it has several that come close, especially "Blast," which is as concussive as pop gets, the perfect vehicle for his artfully scratchy tenor. The album's first single, "Shine," is unworthy of Todd, a Creed-like anthem from a man who previously channeled porn stars and maniacs with hypnotic glee. Otherwise, though, You Made Me is tight and driven. Reportedly, Todd got his youthful new band by answering an ad for a singer. Between their hunger and his frustration with the state of rock & roll, they have fire to spare. --Marc Weidenbaum

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