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Adair was a post-hardcore/alternative rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. Originally the outgrowth of its predecessor band, Disturbing the Peace, the group was created in 2002 and signed to Warcon Enterprises in 2005. Adair toured North America on the 2006 Taste of Chaos lineup, and has toured in support of groups such as Story of the Year, Hawthorne Heights, Letter Kills, My Chemical Romance, Calico System, Evergreen Terrace, A Wilhelm Scream, and Motion City Soundtrack. Adair's first album, The Destruction of Everything is the Beginning of Something New, was released February 21, 2006. In February 2007 the group decided to separate due to the instability of certain members of the band.



Adair originated in St. Louis, Missouri from its forerunner band, Disturbing the Peace. In the spring of 2002, then Disturbing the Peace guitarist Greg Haupt left the band to join Story of the Year (at the time Big Blue Monkey). Adair's inception came when vocalist Rob Tweedie, bass guitarist Josiah Werner and drummer Mike Jost of DTP added lead guitarist James Grossenheider and rhythm guitarist Josh Goldenhersh to their lineup. The group wrote new material and attempted to differentiate itself from its predecessor, DTP. Before moving to Orange County, California in the spring of 2003, the band recorded a 6 song EP entitled The Permanent Bruise. The EP was recorded, mixed and produced by John Pessoni and Jerry Jost of the St. Louis alternative ska group The Urge.

The Destruction of Everything

From 2004, the band went through a series of lineup changes. In late 2004 bass guitarist Josiah Werner left the band to return to St. Louis. The band then added bass guitarist Jeff Meyer, formerly of Open Hand and Not Waving But Drowning. Shortly thereafter, James Grossenheider left the band to play guitar in Bullets and Octane. The group then went through a succession of several temporary replacement guitarists. In the late spring of 2005, drummer Mike Jost left the band out of a desire to stop touring and to be at home. The band's lineup stabilized with the added replacements of drummer Matt Tuttle and guitarist Patrick Baum. In December 2006, original guitarist Josh Goldenhersh also had to leave the band out of a desire to stop touring and be at home, and was replaced by Sean Woods, former guitarist for the rock band Open Hand.

The Beginning of Something New

In the late summer of 2005, the band, managed by John Oakes (of Freeze Management), was signed to the newly founded indie label Warcon Enterprises. In October 2005, the band wrote and recorded The Destruction of Everything is the Beginning of Something New. The album was recorded with producer/engineer Allan Hessler (Goldfinger, The Used) and released on , 2006. The album's title, artwork and lyrics use the story of the ancient city of Pompeii as an allegory for the band's reconstruction and rebirth. Since its release, the band has been touring in support of the album. The band was featured as part of 2006 Vans Warped Tour lineup, in addition to touring alongside groups including Story of the Year, Thrice, Atreyu, Dredg, Thursday, Funeral for a Friend and the Deftones.

"The Diamond Ring"
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Adair's first single from The Destruction of Everything is the Beginning of Something New was "The Diamond Ring". In early February 2005, the music video for the song was shot in Chaffee, Missouri. The video was written, directed and edited by Nick Lambrou.

Break up

On February 12 2007, Adair announced through their myspace profile and email newsletter, that the band had broken up. According to the announcement

Some of the members have made personal decisions in their lives that hinder us from taking the band further, whether it be touring or writing.
? Adair, Band's myspace blog, Feb 12, 2007

The announcement also went on to say that morale for the band had reached an all-time low on their last tour which further fueled the decision to break up. Members of Adair are expected to continue in other musical endeavors, Patrick Baum and Justin Mank have gone on to form a new band, The Seasoned Professionals. Patrick also continues to write and record solo, and can be found performing under his own name in different clubs around the St. Louis area.


Rob Tweedie - vocalist
Sean Woods - guitar
Jeffrey Meyer - bass guitar
Matt Tuttle - drums
Patrick Baum - guitar/vocals
Former members
Mike Jost - drummer
James Daniel - guitarist
Josiah Werner - bass guitarist
Josh Goldenhersh - guitarist
Justin Mank - temp. guitarist
Jerry Jost - guitar
Allen Hessler
John Death

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