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Bear vs. Shark was a post-hardcore band hailing from Highland, Michigan.


The members of the group have known each other all their lives with some members forming friendships as early as pre-school. The band actually formed during their college years when the members were playing in separate projects. The group's original drummer Brandon Moss left the group and was replaced by Ashley Horak. The group has cited classic rock and punk as well as The Clash, Fugazi, and Motown as influences to the group's unique sound.

The group initially sent a demo to Equal Vision Records and a representative from the label flew out immediately to sign the group. Since the release of Right Now You're in the Best of Hands... the band has toured the United States extensively headlining & opening for other major acts such as Coheed and Cambria. The group quickly gained attention from fans and fellow musicians as well. The group is also known for their high-energy stage show most notably by Marc Paffi, who is known to move around the stage frantically during performances. Most of the band members also switched playing instruments during their sets, which was a regular occasion. Though it has been circulated that the band's name comes from the shape of Michigan, Gaviglio has said in an interview that they believed it was "super badass and sounded interesting."


On , 2005 the band posted on their website that they decided to call it quits. Although the band didn't cite any specific reason for the break up John Gaviglio was featured in the December issue of Alternative Press where he did an op-ed piece on the hardships of touring extensively. The band has also been very vocal that they didn't like their touring conditions.

Post Bear vs. Shark

The band contributed a track called "Victoria Iceberg" to the Masters of Horror Soundtrack.

Mike Muldoon and John Gaviglio together with help of Mark Maynard have started a new band project called Cannons, centralized in Brooklyn.

Right Now, You're in the Best of Hands... and Terrorhawk were released on vinyl by Friction Records, with Right Now, You're in the Best of Hands included two previously unreleased tracks, California Hot Seat (originally heard on the (1653 EP) and June 7. Also, a special picture disc version of Terrorhawk was released, with artwork by Jeff VandenBerg.

Marc Paffi recorded vocals for the song 1999 on the band If He Dies He Dies release Conquistador on Friction Records.

Marc Paffi, Mike Muldoon, and Brandon Moss have started a new band together called Champions of History.

Brandon Moss is also a member of the band Bars of Gold And Wildcatting. In addition to Wildcatting, Brandon Moss also plays horns in Don't Stand So Close To Me, a jazz/fusion ensemble that mixes solid hits from The Police.

John Gaviglio currently plays in Matthew Dear's Big Hands

Marc Paffi is also lead singer of Bars Of Gold


Marc Paffi ? vocals, guitar, keyboards
Derek Kiesgen ? guitar, bass
Mike Muldoon ? guitar, bass, keyboards
John Gaviglio ? guitar, bass, vocals
Ashley Horak ? drums
Former members
Brandon Moss ? drums

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