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Beau Dommage is a 1970s rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, who achieved great popular success in Quebec and France. The group's style included rich vocal harmonies and elements borrowed from folk and country music.


Beau Dommage started in 1972 as an offshoot of the creative association "La Quenouille Bleue". Pierre Huet, Robert L?ger and Michel Rivard were soon joined by Pierre Bertrand. The next year R?al Desrosiers and Marie-Mich?le Desrosiers, unrelated despite their identical last name, joined the band.

The group's first album, Beau Dommage, was released in 1974 and broke sales records at the time. The next year, O? est pass?e la noce? reached Platinum (as awarded by the CRIA before May 1, 2008, 100,000 units) on its first day of sales. The group met with considerable success on its yearly tours of Europe between 1975 and 1978, and also performed on numerous occasions in Quebec and the rest of Canada.

The group disbanded in 1978 and reunited in 1984 to perform twice and produce a live album. They reunited one last time in 1994 to produce a second self-titled album Beau Dommage and tour Quebec in 1995. They showed up during the 2005 Francofolies in Montreal when many artists decided to honour them.


Pierre Bertrand - guitar, bass, vocals
Marie-Mich?le Desrosiers - keyboard, vocals
R?al Desrosiers - drums
Michel Hinton - keyboard (starting in 1975)
Pierre Huet - songwriter
Robert L?ger - keyboard, flute
Michel Rivard - guitar, vocals

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