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Beautiful Creatures are a hard rock band formed in 2000, and are led by veteran of the Sunset Strip Joe Leste, who had spent most of the 1980s with Glam Metal band Bang Tango. For Beautiful Creatures, he abandoned his Sunset Strip roots for the trendy and more commercially viable post-grunge rock. The unit solidified in 1999 with Leste, guitarists DJ Ashba and Anthony Focx, bassist Kenny Kweens, and drummer Glen Sobel, and quickly secured an opening slot on that year's KISS tour. A deal with Warner Bros. Records followed, and by summer 2001 the Creatures were supporting their eponymous debut with a slot on Ozzfest. But while the band was able to build a bit of a cult following, shakeups at Warner led to their being dropped soon after the Ozzfest dates. Beautiful Creatures was ultimately issued, but with the band grounded and no promotional support, it went largely unnoticed. With Beautiful Creatures in limbo, Ashba left the fold for solo pastures. He was soon replaced by ex-Engines of Aggression axeman Michael Thomas, but soon he too had departed, to be followed by Sobel. Undeterred, BC soldiered on. By July 2003, the band was back to full strength with the addition of drummer Matt Starr and rookie guitarist Alex Grossi. Grossi and Starr left Beautiful Creatures in early 2005 and Michael Thomas rejoined the band briefly. Starr had been replaced by Timmy Russell on Drums. Mark Simpson from the band Flotsam and Jetsam joined Beautiful Creatures on guitar. A new deal with Spitfire, a division of Eagle Rock Entertainment, was signed and work began on their belated follow-up LP, Deuce which was released in 2005. Michael Thomas then rejoined the band replacing Mark Simpson. Alex Grossi rejoined the band in the fall of 2008, replacing Michael Thomas. In January 2009 Kenny Kweens left the band, and was replaced by Lance Eric, the current bass player of Bang Tango. Grossi and Russell both left in the Spring of 2009. Grossi was replaced by Delta Starr and Rusell was replaced by Justin Sandler.

Kenny Kweens recently announced that he is rehearsing with Beautiful Creatures again and he intends on playing with the band at their show in Hollywood on july 20,2009 and at Rocklahoma, though there are no promises. He would play at the Rocklahoma gig and has recently joined Phil Lewis and Steve Riley's incarnation of L.A. Guns.

Influences include Guns N' Roses, Faster Pussycat and AC/DC.


Joe Lest? - Vocals
Delta Starr - Lead Guitar
Anthony Focx - Rhythm Guitar
Kenny Kweens - Bass
Justin Sandler - Drums
Alex Grossi-lead guitar

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