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Bella Morte is a gothic/Industrial rock band that was formed in 1996 in Charlottesville, Virginia. They also incorporate elements of metal, punk, darkwave, death rock, alternative, and synthpop. The name is Italian for "beautiful death."

Currently signed to Metropolis Records, they previously released albums through their own label, Some Wear Leather, and also through Cleopatra Records. In early Fall of 2006, Metropolis Records confirmed that Bella Morte had reached number one on the Metropolis Records Preorder sales list with their new album Bleed the Grey Sky Black, which was released on October 10th 2006.

Bassist and co-founder Gopal Metro decided to leave the band, playing his last show on , 2007 in the band's hometown of Charlottesville. At the same show, vocalist Andy Deane announced that Tony Pugh would replace Gopal on bass. Gopal has since formed the band, IDIL, with former members of the Charlottesville band, In Tenebris.

Bella Morte has gained a strong following in the underground music scene via word-of-mouth and their still-growing street team, lovingly called "The Fallen."

At the beginning of the summer 2008 it was announced that Jordon Marchini would not be touring with the band any longer. He is no longer listed as the drummer on their myspace page and all promotional pictures do not include him. Whether this is a permanent change remains to be seen.

Current Band Members

Andy Deane - Vocals
Tony Lechmanski - Guitar
Scotty Derrico - Drums
Micah Consylman - Synths (mainly the keytar during live performance)
Tony Pugh - Bass

Previous Band Members

Jordan Marchini - Drums
Chris "Frizzle" - Guitars
Bn Whitlow - Guitars
Gopal Metro - bass


Full releases
Remorse (cassette only, demo) (1996)
Remains (1997)
Where Shadows Lie (2000)
The Death Rock EP (Vinyl - limited to 300) (2001)
The Quiet (2002)
The Death Rock EP (CD w/ bonus tracks) (2002)
Remains (Remastered Version) (2002)
As the Reasons Die (2004)
Songs for the Dead (2004)
Bleed The Grey Sky Black (2006)
Beautiful Death (, 2008)

The Pink and The Black (1998) (Delinquent Records) - One Winter's Night
"The Unquiet Grave Vol1" (1998) (Cleopatra Records) "Funeral Night"
Music from the Succubus Club - Vampire: The Masquerade (2000) (Dancing Ferret Discs) - Fall No More
The Darkest Millennium (2000) (Cleopatra Records) - The Rain Within Her Hands
A Gothic-Industrial Tribute to Smashing Pumpkins (2001) (Cleopatra Records) - Soma

Music videos
"Find Forever Gone" directed by Eric Thomas Craven. Released on , 2008
"On the Edge" directed by Eric Thomas Craven. Released on , 2008
"Earth Angel" directed by Eric Thomas Craven. Released on , 2007
"Another Way" directed by Wendy Shuey (2004)

Media Appearances

Bella Morte appears as zombies in the graphic novel "The Abandoned" by Ross Campbell, released by TokyoPop.
Andy Deane appeared on The Montel Williams Show in June 1999, in an episode concerning the goth scene.
Bella Morte appear in the autobiography My Pet Virus, written by Shawn Decker.
Posters advertising a Bella Morte concert and featuring the 'As the Reasons Die' artwork appear in the Asylum club scenes of the game Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.
Bella Morte lyrics appear in the "Wet Moon" graphic novels by Ross Campbell, released by Oni Press. And in volume 3 of the series, the characters attend a live Bella Morte show.

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