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Bender is an American hard rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Bender had a local reach for some time before being signed onto TVT Records. The band has produced two albums, the first called "Joe", and later an album called "Jehovah's Hitlist".

Bender consists of Kent Boyce (vocals), Matt Scerpella (guitar), Tim Cook (bass, background vocals), Steve Adams (drums).

Their more popular songs, "Isolate" and "Superfly" were featured on the game ATV Offroad Fury for Playstation 2.

The song "Angel Dust" also appeared in the movie 3000 Miles to Graceland Starring Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell.


Jehovah's Hitlist

Release Date: , 2000


1. Superfly

2. Isolate

3. Fresh Daddy

4. Passion Flower

5. Dig It Boy

6. Fall on Your Head

7. Seizures

8. Sharon Stone

9. Prick (What the Hell's the Matter with You)

10. Body & Soul

11. Lobster

12. Angel Dust

13. Breathe Again

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