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Diabolic is an American death metal band from Tampa, Florida, founded in 1998 by drummer Aantar Lee Coates and guitarist Brian Malone.


Diabolic released their first album, Supreme Evil, in 1998 on Conquest Music. Diabolic released a number of high quality records in the subsequent years and did a number of high profile tours including the 1999 "Death metal Massacre" package alongside Cannibal Corpse, God Dethroned and Hate Eternal. Diabolic would support death metal institution Morbid Angel in the same year.

In November 2002 after completing a European tour with Deicide the group fell into two camps. Founding member Brian Malone putting together a line up consisting of Eric Hersemann, French drummer Gael Barthelemy and Coffin Texts' Robert Cardenas, were to carry on with the band name "Diabolic" and that Coates, together with Kelly McLauchlin of Pessimist (guitars) and erstwhile members Paul Ouellette (vocals/bass) and Jerry Mortellaro (guitars) branched off into a completely new band set up called Unholy Ghost. The group signed to the Olympic/Century Media label for a Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez produced debut album Torrential Reign, recorded at the D.O.W. Studios (Diet Of Worms)in Seffner, Florida.

Diabolic marked a return to action in June 2006, assembled by founder member Aantar Lee Coates and his Unholy Ghost colleague guitarist Kelly McLauchlin alongside Blastmasters members Jesse Jolly, handling both vocals and bass, with R.J. on second guitar. A new album, Shellfire and Tombstones, was produced by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez, of Morbid Angel and Unholy Ghost, at D.O.W. Studios.


Paul Ouellette - vocals, bass (1998-2001, 2007-)
Raymond James - guitars (2004-present)
Kelly McLauchlin - guitars (2004-present)
Aantar Lee Coates - drums (1998-2001 and 2004-present)
Former members
Jesse Jolly - vocals, bass (2004-2007)
Paul Ouellette - vocals, bass (1998-2001)
Brian Malone - guitars (1998-2004)
Ed Webb - vocals, bass (1998-2001 and 2003-2004)
Bryan Hipp - guitars (2001)
Jerry Mortellaro - guitars (2001-2003)
Eric Hersemann - guitars (2003-2004)
Gael Barthelemy - drums (2003-2004)

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