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Fighting Gravity is a music group based out of Richmond, Virginia. Originally a ska band called Boy O Boy, Fighting Gravity has incorporated a variety of music into their style, including reggae, rock, and pop. Fighting Gravity was formed while its original members were attending Virginia Tech. Originally, the band consisted of vocalist Schiavone McGee, guitarist David "Tree" Triano, bassist David Peterson, keyboardist Eric Lawson, trombonist Chris Leitch, saxophonist Karl von Klein, and drummer Mike Boyd. Other former members include Sinakone Phrakhansa and Rich Stine. As of 2007, the band has three core members: Schiavone McGee, David Peterson and Mike Boyd.

In the late 1990s, Fighting Gravity was the subject of a five page article in Rolling Stone magazine by senior editor David Wild as part of the summer college issue.

Fighting Gravity has sold more than 300,000 albums and performed before more than 1,000,000 people in the United States and abroad, including locales such as Tokyo and Honduras , and has performed two USO tours overseas for United States troops. Fighting Gravity is supported by 25,000 email subscribers and 1,500 street team members.

The band has maintained a sizeable East Coast concert following and released its newest album, Blue Sky and Black, in 2006. Fighting Gravity's other albums include: Under the Radar (Live acoustic album)(2001), Flood Zone (Live album) (2000), Hello Cleveland (Live Album) (1999), You and Everybody Else (1998), Everywhere And In Between ( Album) (1998), Boy O Boy (1997), Bobsled (1997), Forever= One Day (1996), No Stopping, No Standing (1994), and Shishskabob (1992).

In 2007, Fighting Gravity, along with Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies, Guster, and O.A.R., took part in the IZStyle Winter Tour, a series of concerts aimed at raising awareness of alternative and renewable energy sources.

In late 2003/Early 2004 Fighting Gravity consciously decided to change their musical style. The band released the horn section and changed its songwriting style to what many listeners called more "mainstream" and/or "radio friendly." These changes were met with mixed results from the fans as show attendance dwindled and tour dates slowed.

The band is unofficially broken up.

During this break, Schiavone is in the studio working on a solo album, And plans to at least have a farewell tour with Fighting Gravity.

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