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Fire Inc. was a Wagnerian rock band that released two songs for the rock and roll film Streets of Fire in 1984. The two songs never had any real commercial success. In the film Ellen Aim and the Attackers performed "Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young" with Face to Face playing the part of the Attackers and actress Diane Lane lip-syncing to Laurie Sargent's vocals. In 1989 Jim Steinman put together another group called Pandora's Box in which he included eight of the members from Fire Inc. Below follow the only two songs by this band:

"Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young"
"Nowhere Fast"

A different version of the song "Nowhere Fast" (originally intended to have been used by Fire Inc., but dropped in favor of a better version also by Steinman) was also released on Meat Loaf's album Bad Attitude (1984).


An asterisk indicates a member who moved on to Pandora's Box.

Laurie Sargent ? vocals*
Holly Sherwood ? vocals, backing vocals*
Rory Dodd ? vocals, backing vocals*
Eric Troyer ? backing vocals*
Rick Derringer ? guitar
Davey Johnstone ? guitar
Mike Landau ? guitar
Steve Buslowe ? bass*
Robert Hornbacher ? piano*
Larry Fast ? synthesizers
Jim Steinman ? additional keyboards*
Max Weinberg ? drums
Joe Stefko ? drum programming
Jimmy Bralower ? drums and programming*
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