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LA Symphony is a Christian hip-hop group from Los Angeles, California. Current members of L.A. Symphony are FLYNN (also known as Flynn Adam), UNO Mas, CookBook, Joey the Jerk, and Sharlok Poems. Past members include Pigeon John and BTwice, J-Beits a.k.a. Great Jason and Trendi MC (who compose Halieyoos Fishermen with Sharlok Poems), Coy (Paul "Coy" Allen), Xpress, Gaja and Beond of Acid Reign.


Formed in 1997, the band released their first album, 1999s Composition No. 1 on independent record label Eartube Empire. They then recorded an album entitled Call It What You Want for Squint Entertainment, containing tracks produced by the band and by Mario C, and Prince Paul. The album was sold as a bootleg copy at live shows and online until officially released on Squint as CIWYW, in addition to a release a promotional EP titled Big Broke L.A. that contained tracks from Call It What You Want.

LA Symphony independently released the Baloney EP in 2002. Originally, 1000 limited edition copies were pressed, hand-numbered and shipped in resealable sandwich bags. Baloney was later re-pressed.

Following the Baloney EP, LA Symphony was signed to Gotee Records. They then released The End Is Now in 2003, Less Than Zero in 2005 and Disappear Here in 2005. 2005 was also a year of personal tragedies for the band. CCM reported that immediately after re-signing to Gotee, three members experienced personal traumas -- UNO came down with Guillain-Barr? syndrome, CookBooks father suffered from a stroke, and Joeys grandfather also died.

In 2007, the group released a mixtape entitled Unleashed. Guests on the album include Posdnuos and Awol One.

In 2009, the members decided to put the group on hiatus. Since then several members have continued with solo projects.

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