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La Luna (born Sofie Lambaerts 27 June 1980) is a Belgian singer.

In 1998, after reading an advert in the local newspaper, Lambaerts came in contact with Belgian producer and songwriter Regi Penxten, known from Belgian groups such as Milk Inc. or Sylver.

Regi was looking for a female singer to start a new dance project. Sofie Lambaerts succeeded the vocal testings and became the voice and face of the newly founded K-Voice featuring La Luna. The first single "Save Me From The Night" (released in January 1999) didn't break any major records in Belgium but nevertheless became a respected club hit.

Regi and co-producer Steve Spaceman made the decision to put Lambaerts simply in front for the follow-up-single. "Venus" (released in June 1999) was again a club success and made crossed over to commercial radio. The single charted top 40 in Flanders.

In January 2000 the new single "When The Morning Comes" became a mega success. In no time the track hit the top regions of the charts in Belgium. La Luna was nominated with "When The Morning Comes" for single of the year by major station Radio Donna.

La Luna also became successful in Spain. She goes an average of twice a month to Spain to do gigs. The fourth single "Take Me" which was released in August 2000 came in the top 10.

The expected 5th single "Kisses of Fire" was released April 2001 in Belgium. Like the other four singles, this one is again produced by Regi Penxten and Steve Spaceman.

On February 11 2002 the next single was released, called "Here I Am". In 2003 two more singles came out: "Fallin'" and "Sometime, Somewhere, Someone". In 2004 she released "Still Alive". Lambaerts was a finalist in Miss Belgian Beauty 2006. Her last single was "Live My Life" released on 2007.

"Take Me"
"When the Morning Comes"
"Kisses of Fire"
"Here I Am"
"Sometime, Somewhere, Someone"
"Still Alive"
"Live my Life"

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