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La Lupita is a Mexican band which combines rock and Latin music. Their lyrics are humorous and sometimes sarcastic. They released their first album "Pa' Servir A usted" in 1992, combining heavy metal, norte?as, disco music, funk, mambo, and pop. They recorder their next CD "Que Bonito es Casi Todo" two years later in London. They released their 3rd CD, known as "3D" in 1996, their fourth CD "Caramelo Macizo" in 1998 and their fifth album "Lupitolog?a" which is a complilation, in 2004


Hector Quijada. Vocals
Lino Nava. Guitar
Luis Fernando Alejo. Bass.
Paco Godoy. Drums.

Former Members

Rosa Adame - Vocals
Bola Domene - Drums
Poncho Toledo- Bass
Miguel Rodr?guez- Bass
Michel DeQuevedo-Percussions
Mayo Mello- Bass
Sarahi "La de Santa Maria del Nabo" - Vocals
Daniel "El Piolin" - Drums
Enrique Garcia- Percussions

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