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The Lovebugs are a Swiss Britpop inspired band from Basel, Switzerland founded in 1992. They are one of Switzerlands most successful bands and three of their album has topped the Swiss list. However, international success has eluded them so far.


Lovebugs was founded in 1992 by Adrian Sieber and Sebastian "Baschi" Hausmann and drummer Julie Lauper. The history started in a musicstore: Drummer Wanted. They met there and started the band that they called Lovebugs. They won a local talent contest which enabled them to produce their first record. Only one year after the start, the drummer Julie left the band and was replaced by Simon Ramseier.


In 1994 there first album called Fluff was released. In 1995 they were on their first real tour and showed themselfes for the rest of europe. The second album, called Tart was released the same year. In 1996 the first breaktrough came and the single Fantastic reached 40th place on the Swiss charter list. In 1998 a new guitarrist, Thomas Riechberger joined the band. Two years later, the big and final breaktrough came, with the album Transatlantic Flight that reached 3rd place in the Swiss album charter list. Before the album came out, Lovebugs had also changed label from BMG Ariola too Warner Music. Just a year later, another album came out. The album was called Awaydays and was Lovebugs first album that reached the first place on the list. The single, Music makes my world go Round reached 16th place on the list. Simultaneously Sebastian left the band to instead participate in the glam-rock project Fucking Beautiful. Sebastian was replaced by Florian Senn on bass. At the same time, Stefan Wagner took place beside the keyboard. After a short break, Lovebugs were back in 2003 with the album 13 Songs With A View that for example contained the singles A Love Like Tides and 72. The album itself was not as successful as the two earlier albums and did only reach 7th place on the list. The next album Naked was a live and unplugged album. The album went straight up to the top of the list. The band worked with this CD together with the music producent Chris von Rohr. In 2006 another successful album that reached the top of the list was released. This one was called In Every Waking Moment and contained Lovebugs, nowtimes probably most famous songs. Two of them was The Key and Avalon. The song Avalon featured the norwegian singer Lene Marlin. The song reached 10th place on the Swiss charter list and 27th on the Norwegian. That of course made Lovebugs a little bit more famous outside Switzerland. Some more famous songs by Lovebugs include Fantastic, Angel Heart, Under My Skin, Bitter Moon, Music Makes My World Go Round, A Love Like Tides, Flavour of The Day, Everybody Knows i Love You, Free Reeling and Back to life. (Nowtimes also the two new songs 21st Century Man and The Highest Heights.) After 2006 Lovebugs took a break, partly for recovery and partly because of that the singer Adrian Sieber schould carry out a since long time planned solo career under the name Adrian Solo. The band represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia with the song "The Highest Heights", but didn't qualify for the final even thought they were favourites and convinced on the rehearsals. They had some problems with the sound in Eurovision and Sieber in a interview said that Lovebugs use to be a live band is not very familiar with all different cameras. At the same time, a new album called The Highest Heights was released. The album reached 2nd place on the Swiss charter list. The first single 21st Century Man reached place 55 in Switzerland. The second single and also the eurovision song, The Highest Heights reached place 25 in Switzerland but also place 57 in Sweden.

Other Information

The singer, Adrian Sieber often writes the bands songs. The drummer, Simon Ramseier directs the bands promo videos.

Current Members

The current line up consosts of Adrian Sieber (vocals), Thomas Riechberger (guitar), Florian Senn (bass), Stefan Wagner (keyboards, back vocals), and Simon Ramseier (drums).


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