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M.O.D. (Method of Destruction) is a crossover thrash band from New York City, fronted by former Anthrax roadie and Stormtroopers Of Death vocalist Billy Milano. With M.O.D., Milano sought to continue on the musical path of the bands Anthrax and Nuclear Assault, mixing shades of hardcore punk with thrash metal and often humorous and politically incorrect lyrics.


U.S.A. for M.O.D., the band's debut album, was produced by S.O.D. bandmate and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. The first track, "Aren't You Hungry?", a reworking of an unrecorded S.O.D. song, is notable for the lyric "fuck those niggers' charity," referring to the then-common famine relief activism such as We Are the World.

M.O.D.'s second effort, Surfin' M.O.D., was an anomaly, featuring little thrash metal, focusing more on humorous cover songs and a beach party atmosphere. The band would return to their roots on Gross Misconduct, as well as further expand their sound on Rhythm of Fear. It was around this time that Milano performed a reunion show with S.O.D. at The Ritz in New York.

The following releases, Devolution and Dictated Aggression, suffered from poor distribution and going out of print, despite Milano's heavier style and more serious lyrics. The albums were eventually reissued on Blackout Records in 2004.

Following yet another S.O.D. reunion and subsequent album, Bigger than the Devil, M.O.D. went silent for several years. In 2003, Milano recruited a new lineup and recorded The Rebel You Love to Hate, somewhat of a return to Milano's humorous past with jabs at white suburban rap fans and the War on Terrorism.

Recent events

M.O.D. relocated to Austin, Texas, and released the album Red, White, and Screwed in October 2007 through Index Entertainment, and launched a supporting tour in summer 2008.

The band played its final show in the United States on September 13, 2008.

Current members

Billy Milano ? Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Scott "The Rod" Sargeant ? Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Derek "Lennon" Lopez ? Drums
Dawson Clawson - Bass, Vocals

Previous members

Tim McMurtrie ? guitar
Louis Svitek ? guitar
Tommy Klimchuck ? guitar
John Pereksta ? guitar, bass
Joe Young ? guitar
Joe Affe - guitar
Bernard Langendorf - guitar
Ken Ballone ? bass
Jeff Wood - bass
Jake Landrau - bass
John Monte ? bass
Rob Moschetti ? bass
David "Ziggy" Reinhardt - drums
Keith Davis ? drums
Tim Mallare ? drums
Dave Chavarri ? drums
Tony Scaglione - drums
Darren Verpeut ? drums
Danny "DNA" Burkhardt ? drums

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