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m.o.v.e (also spelled as M.O.V.E; formerly known as move) is a 3-member Japanese musical group. The group consists of Yuri (Masuda Yuri )) on vocals, Motsu (Segawa Mototaka )) on the rapping, and T-Kimura (Kimura Takashi )) as the producer.

T-Kimura formed the band move and by 1997 they released their first single Rock it Down, but they achieved fame when their followup single, Around the world was used in the anime Initial D. In 2005, the group changed their name by adding abbreviation marks between letters and are currently still signed with the avex tune recording label. The same year, the band traveled to the United States and performed at the Anime USA convention in Northern Virginia.

m.o.v.e is perhaps best known for the unique style with which they blend rock, rap, electronica, metal, and many other genres into their music. m.o.v.e are also well-known for their contribution of opening and closing theme songs for the Initial D series. These include around the world, Rage your dream, BREAK IN2 THE NITE, Blazin' Beat, Gamble Rumble, DOGFIGHT, Blast My Desire, Nobody Reason and Noizy Tribe. The also provided the opening theme for the anime series Ikki Tousen with their song Drivin' Through the Night as well as the ending theme for the anime Final Fantasy Unlimited, Romancing Train, and the ending credits for KOEI's Dynasty Warriors 2 video game, Can't Quit This!!!! ~KNOCK'EM OUT~

On December 2, 2008, T-Kimura stated on m.o.v.e's official web site that he would focus more on production, and less on performing. On April 10, 2009, m.o.v.e performed with DJ T-Tashiro during an anime convention, Kamikazecon II, in Houston, Texas; the group announced that T-Kimura would no longer perform on-stage with m.o.v.e.

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