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Machine Gun Fellatio was an alternative Australian band, composing, recording and playing music of a large range of styles. They were formed in 1997 by three of their line up. They are well known for their on-stage antics and humorous lyrics as well as the musical merits of their songs. Their outrage-provoking name (apparently coined after being spotted in some graffiti) gives some idea of the attitude that pervades the band's work. They are also sometimes compared to the American jack-of-all-trades band, Ween.

Their first release, Unsound Sounds was a collection of songs by themselves and two other bands - The Libertines and Limebunny. The three groups were not completely separate, as there was some overlap between members.

Machine Gun Fellatio's first well known track was Isaac or Fuzz, a song made of parts of a voice message left at a recording studio (mostly humming the tune to "Reach Up" by the Paul Oakenfold-related project Perfecto Allstarz), put to a fast dance beat.

They remained quiet until 1999 when they released Mutha Fukka On A Motorcycle, and Unsent Letter, which, like "Isaac or Fuzz", were very popular with Triple J listeners. By this stage the band comprised seven members.

In 2002 they performed live at the Big Day Out festivals, and have since played at many others, including Homebake, Livid, the Woodford Folk Festival and Gone South.

Their album Paging Mr. Strike was released in 2002 and was a big turning point for the band. By this time they were very popular on Triple J and also started to receive some airplay on other stations, with "Rollercoaster" being one of their more commercial friendly tracks. In 2003 the album was re-released with a 2nd CD of remixes and rare tracks.

The group has caused some controversy for their wild performances, which often involve both male and female nudity, light bondage gear and implied sexual intercourse with their instruments. After a Student Union organised performance at the University of Melbourne, fellow Victorian universities RMIT University and Swinburne University of Technology cancelled their scheduled performances because of the band's lewd behaviour at Melbourne University. This hasn't stopped other Australian universities in New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania allowing the band to perform on their campuses, and did not stop Melbourne University hiring the band again the following year.

The band's last album On Ice (2004) was met with a relatively muted response.

After the split

In 2005 the band split up and various band members have since moved on to other projects.

Pinky Beecroft (Matt Ford) joined a Sydney-based band called Matthew, and recently formed Pinky Beecroft and the White Russians. Pinky is also part of the commentary team for Pool: World Junior Nine Ball, airing on ABC TV.

Loveshark has formed the 'Stoner Funk Orchestra' and gigs around Sydney and Australia, bringing his eclectic rock/groove/funk/pop mix to the masses. He recently played one of the last ever gigs at the Metro for the "Tit For Tat" Gig. Shark was joined by classical pianist Simon Tedeschi (as seen frequently on the television program Spicks and Specks), Bernie Hayes and more for a benefit to raise money for a breast cancer survivor. Shark is currently spending time in the studio, working on music for various TV shows and finishing off his new album.

Chit Chat Von Loopinstab now hosts many programs on the adult-oriented Australian cable music channel, MusicMAX.

KK Juggy frequently appears on the Big Day Out's Lilyworld (formerly Lilypad) stage, hosting burlesque shows and other similar ventures. She also now performs as a member of the highly regarded circus troupe Circus Oz.

Feyonce (Connie Mitchell) has since gone on to be one of the lead singers of the Sydney based band Sneaky Sound System.

Bryan Ferrysexual (Glenn Abbott) has formed two bands, Super Massive and The Bryan Ferrysexual Experience.


Bryan Ferrysexual (drums) ? Glenn Abbott
Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab (keyboard and vocals) ? Glen Dormand
KK Juggy (vocals) ? Christa Hughes
LoveShark (guitar) ? Warrick Leggo
Pinky Beecroft (vocals, bass and keyboard) ? Matt Ford
Feyonce (vocals 2004-2005) ? Connie Mitchell
J.Shipard (Bass 1999)
3k Short (bass and keyboard) ? Ross Johnston
Widow Jones (vocals and keyboard, left in 2004)


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