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Nailpin is a Belgian band.

After scoring big in their own country, with such hits as "Endless Conversations", "Movin' On" and "Together", from their debut album '12 TO GO', the boys decided to give the rest of the world a shot.

Their performance at the 2004 TMF awards (where lead singer Niko amused the crowd by stripping on stage and prancing around in a thong) caused Avril Lavigne to ask them to open for her on her Japan tour.

The band's influences include the bands Mest, Goldfinger, New Found Glory, Home Grown, MXPX and Green Day.

At the end of September '05, the band took part in MTV's Road Rally, in which they had to cross the USA from West coast to East Coast, earning their way and scoring shows. After starting in Los Angeles they ended up just beating Dutch competitor Di-rect in New York. When the series was aired from November to January, it was a great hit.

The band broke up with singer Niko at the end of February 2006.

The second Nailpin album "White Lies & Butterflies" was released in April 2006, while the band toured Japan for the second time.

After releasing the singles Worn Out, What Are You Waiting For, They Don't Know and This Coma from their second album White Lies And Butterflies, Nailpin released a new record called III and the single The Ending in April 2008. The video for The Ending features the band being chased as bunnies by hunters. Nailpin announced a new single from the album to be released in the summer of 2008. On May 13 it was announced that the single would be It's Allright and that the video will feature cars.

Bon Jovi asked Nailpin to play at their concert in the Koning Boudewijnstadion on June 14. It's the first time Nailpin will play there.

The third single from the album III will be The Quiet Shutdown. It will be released in October/November 2008. There will also be a video for it but currently there are no further details about it.


Sean, Drummer and Lead Vocals
Shaun, Guitar and Backing Vocals
Todts, Bass, Backing Vocals
Dave, Guitar

Corn?, Drummer (Live shows only)

Niko, Lead Vocals (till 2/06)

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