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Najwa Nimri (born , 1972 in Pamplona, Spain) is a Jordanian actress and singer.

Early life

Nimri's mother is Basque and her father is Jordanian; his name is Karam Nimri. She has a brother named Karim Nimri, a half-brother named Andre Nimri and two half-sisters named Sara and Nadia Nimri. Najwa also has a cousin who is a singer named (Antix) Alexander Nimier. Her name means ecstasy in Arabic. When she was a child she moved to Bilbao and now lives in Madrid.


Her first important film role was in Salto al vac?o, the first movie by film director Daniel Calparsoro. Her career as a singer started with small groups. In 1996, she formed the band Najwajean with Carlos Jean. She has also released three solo albums. She was married to Daniel Calparsoro and in 2004, she had a son, Teo.

Two of her film roles won her praise: as Ana in Lovers of the Artic Circle, and as Elena in Sex and Lucia (Spanish title Lucia y El Sexo). Both films were directed by Julio Menem, and he seems to have a knack for capturing Najwa's intense beauty on film as no other director has (though this is personal opinion).

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