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Quo Vadis is a technical melodic death metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, named for the novel by Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz.


After releasing a self-titled demo in 1995, Quo Vadis released, the following year, their first album, Forever... on VomiT Productions (Bart Frydrychowicz Management/Label). The line-up for this debut included band founders Bart Frydrychowicz (vocalist, lead guitarist), Yanic Bercier (drummer), Arie Itman (vocalist, lead guitarist and violinist) as well as bassist R?my Beauchamp.

In 2000, Hypnotic Records released the bands sophomore effort: Day into Night. The line-up at this point remained unchanged.

2001 saw the release of the compilation album Passage In Time. This release featured two new songs as well as two live tracks and all unreleased tracks from the 1995 demo.

In 2002, Yanic Bercier moved from Canada to the USA.

In 2003, the band's line-up underwent a massive transformation. Vocalist/guitarist Arie Itman and bassist R?my Beauchamp left the band. Bart Frydrychowicz recruited vocalist St?phane Par?, and session members rhythm guitarist William Seghers of Neuraxis, fretless bassist Dominic "Forest" Lapointe of Augury and Roxanne Constantin of Negativa as keyboardist. The lineup of Bart Frydrychowicz, Yanic Bercier and Stephane Par? saw the recording and release on Skyscraper Music of 2004's Defiant Indoctrination. However, Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Sebastian Bach & Friends, Death, Vintersorg, Sadus, Autopsy, Iced Earth, Dragonlord, Control Denied), a famed fretless bass virtuoso, was brought in to handle the bass duties.

The drums, bass and portion of rhythm guitars were recorded by Pierre Remillard at Wild Studio (2002), remaining rhythm guitars, solos, choirs cellos were recorded by Bart at his home studio, vocals were recorded by Yannick St-Amand at Bart's home studio (2003-2004). The album was mixed by Jim Morris of Morrisound Studio in Tampa, Florida.

In 2005, a triple DVD was released, Defiant Indoctrination, documenting a concert in Montreal on 7 May 2005. At the show, they performed every song from their most recent album, Defiant Imagination, as well as various tracks from their other albums. In addition, the third disc contained the entire drum footage of the show, focusing entirely on drummer Yanic Bercier. Produced by Bart Frydrychowicz the DVD features spectacular visual effects, human canvas and an extensive list of guest musicians. Special attention was given to the sound, and the mix being handled by Jean-Francois Dagenais (Kataklysm, Misery Index) and Bart Frydrychowicz. Guest musicians include famous Quebec cellist Claude Lamothe, Alex Auburn of Cryptopsy fame, bassist Dominique "Forest" Lapointe of Augury/Atheretic/Negativa, and a classical choir and violinist.

From 2006, William Seghers left Quo Vadis to fulfill his duties to his main band Neuraxis, thus local progressive metal guitarist Marc-Andr? Gingras of the MAG project was brought in to perform the live rhythm guitar parts.

In 2007 Bart Frydrychowicz also released a guitar tabulature book for Defiant Imagination.

On 6 September 2008, Quo Vadis played a concert at The Medley in Montreal, at which St?phane Par? confirmed that he and Yanic would be leaving the band. At the same show Bart Frydrychowicz had suffered a massive knee injury rendering him unable to walk for 4 months and requiring reconstructive surgery in December 2008.

Bart Frydrychowicz has since then recruited Patrice Hamelin (of Martyr) as drummer, Trevor Birnie (of Damascus) as vocalist and Roxanne Constantin (of Negativa) as Bassist. A rough mix of a new track, "Equilibrium," was released on the band's Myspace page on 25 October 2008.

Since then, Bart has confirmed that work is under way on a new Quo Vadis album, expected to be released in early 2010 and accompanied by a tour.

Musical style and influences

The band's influences include death metal and classical music. On their first studio album, Forever..., the band combined the heavy sound of metal with a strong lyrical tinge, including violin passages, spoken word, as well as a full ballad with an opera singer, Sebrina Lipari. On the second album, Day into Night, the focus shifted to a more defined death metal sound. Quo Vadis are renowned for their technical proficiency, particularly that of drummer Yanic Bercier. This technicality was showcased on the band's third album, Defiant Imagination, which also incorporated progressive elements. This album even featured famous fretless bass virtuoso Steve DiGiorgio.


Current members
Bart Frydrychowicz - guitar(1993-Present), vocals (1993-2004)
Patrice Hamelin - drums (2008-Present)
Trevor Birnie - vocals (2008-Present)
Roxanne Constantin - bass (2008-Present), keyboards (2005-2008)
Marc-Andr? Gingras - guitar (2006-Present)
Former members
Yanic Bercier - drums, vocals (1993-2008)
St?phane Par? - vocals (2003-2008)
Remy Beauchamp - bass (1993-2003)
Arie Itman - guitar, vocals, violin (1993-2003)
Session and guest musicians
Alex Auburn - guitar
Steve DiGiorgio - bass
Dominique "Forest" Lapointe - bass (2004-2008)
Sebrina Lipari - vocals
William Seghers - guitar

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