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Ten (also typeset as TEN) is a British melodic rock/hard rock band.


In 1996, after the release of his first two albums, Gary Hughes was joined by former Dare members Vinny Burns on guitar and Greg Morgan on drums for what were to be his 3rd and 4th solo albums. The sessions then turned into more of a band situation and Ten was formed.Those sessions flourished with the release of Ten's first album named Ten, and a few months later with the album The Name of the Rose.

With the addition of guitarist Johnny Halliwell, keyboardist Ged Rylands, and bassist Shelley (also from Dare), the band released The Robe in 1997.The Robe was a huge step forward in the sound of Ten, leaning strongly towards epic and majestic atmospheres and influences. Songs like the title track, "Arcadia" and "Ten Fathoms Deep" are considered to be amongst the best expressions of the British hard rock of the 90's. However, their major commercial success - especially in Europe - came with their following album: Spellbound, in 1999.The record had all the elements which decreed the vast success of Ten within the hard rock fans: melody and class, but also power and epic atmospheres, inherited by the tradition of the British bands of the 1970s such as Rainbow, Thin Lizzy and UFO.

A few line-up changes (most notably Steve McKenna taking on bass duties, Don Airey and Paul Hodson later on keyboards) did not really change the musical styles and success of the band that also gathered a great exposure and acclaim with the following release Babylon, a concept album based on a futuristic story of a computer programmer and his tragic love affair.

The following two records Far Beyond the World (2001) and Return to Evermore (2004), which saw the d?but of the new guitarist Chris Francis, taking the place of Vinny Burns - who left the band right after the release of Far Beyond The World in 2001, citing creative differences) served only to solidify the band?s reputation for great music and exquisite arrangements in great melodic hard rock fashion.

To mark the band?s 10th anniversary, a two disc album The Essential Collection 1995-2005 was issued in January 2006, comprising the best Rockers and Ballads re-recorded in the style of how the band played their music. Ten?s most recent appearance was in March this year at the Atarfe Vega Rock Festival in Spain, where they appeared to great critical acclaim alongside W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister and Stryper.

Ten?s latest album was The Twilight Chronicles released in 2006. It is a mixture of rock and ballads with a strong atmospheric mood and lyrics that tell tales of love, lust, death, glory, revenge and darkness.

In May 2008 guitarist Chris Francis had officially left the band.

Current members

Gary Hughes ? Vocals, Backing Vocals, Programming
John Halliwell ? Guitars
Paul Hodson ? Keyboards, Programming

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