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V6 is a six-member Japanese boy band formed by Johnny & Associates. They debuted on 1 November 1995 with their first CD-Single "MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE".

Due to the difference in age between the six members, subunits were formed within the group. The three oldest members formed 20th Century (Tonisen, in short) whilst the youngest three formed Coming Century (Kamisen, in short).

As they are 'idols', each member takes part in a variety of activities - as well as singing, they appear in TV dramas, variety shows, host radio programmes etc. 20th Century are usually associated with being on stage in plays and musicals, whereas Coming Century are more often in TV dramas (although every member has done both).


There are many theories behind the meaning of the "V" in V6. It is said that it stands for Victory, but members have mentioned on TV programmes etc that it also means Volleyball (as their debut single was used in the World Cup Volleyball Tournament in 1995), Versus (20th Century versus Coming Century), Vegetable (as Sakamoto's parents own a green grocers), Vicycle (obviously means Bicycle - Nagano's parents own a Cycling store) and Veteran (as Inohara was told). It's mostly believed to stand for Volume, which derives from their album that they made.

Recent Activities

Leader Masayuki Sakamoto is especially famous for his roles in musicals such as 'Footloose', 'Blood Brothers', 'The Boy from Oz',and 'No man's Land'. Hiroshi Nagano and Yoshihiko Inohara also played the leading roles in the Japanese version of the hit musical 'The Producers' which proved to be a great success, being ranked as the No.1 musical of 2005 in a famous Japanese musical magazine. Hiroshi Nagano is also famous for playing the lead role in ????????? / Ultraman Tiga. He is remembered by kids and fans of the series as Madoka Daigo, the character he played and the human-form of Tiga.

Go Morita played a leading role in "??"(Ara-jin, characters mean rough god but it's obviously meant to mean Aladin too), Ken Miyake too has two stages under his belt (?? ~THE GRADUATE~ and ?32???) and will be starring in yet another one coming February called ??? (Satsujinsha). In 2005, Miyake finished filming a movie called ?????(Oyayubisagashi) which was released in theaters across Japan in Summer 2006.

Junichi Okada is also currently involved in the movie industry with "Kisarazu Cat's Eyes Nihon Series", "Tokyo Tower" and "Fly Daddy Fly". He is also set to star in a movie by Hirokazu Koreeda called "Hana Yori Mo Naho"

V6 hosts two weekly TV shows as a group, "Gakkou e ikou"???????? and "Viva Viva V6". Along with their group shows, they also have individual TV shows, dramas or radio programs. Miyake is a regular in the TV show "Itou-ke no Shokutaku (The Itou Family Dinner)".

V6 celebrated their 10th year anniversary in 2005. They commemorated the event by holding about 30 concerts in sold-out arenas all over Japan, holding 3 major "Thank You Events", releasing a hit movie "Hold Up Down" and releasing a new album "Musicmind". They also had a rare "Handshake Session" with hundreds of thousands of fans in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.

As separate bands, both of them performed the opening song for the anime, Eyeshield 21. Coming Century performed "Breakthrough", the first opening theme song and 20th Century performed "Innocence", the second opening theme song. Also as V6, they performed "Chain of Power" as an insert song and it even had another version performed by characters in Eyeshield 21.


20th Century
Masayuki Sakamoto Sakamoto Masayuki, born 24 July 1971, Tokyo, Japan, Bloodtype O)
Hiroshi Nagano Nagano Hiroshi, born 9 October 1972, Yamato, Kanagawa, Japan, Bloodtype A)
Yoshihiko Inohara Inohara Yoshihiko, born 17 May 1976, Tokyo, Japan, Bloodtype A)
Coming Century
Go Morita Morita G?, born 20 February 1979, Kasukabe, Saitama, Japan, Bloodtype A)
Ken Miyake Miyake Ken, born 2 July 1979, Takamatsu, Kanagawa, Japan, Bloodtype O)
Junichi Okada Okada Jun'ichi, born 18 November 1980, Hirakata, Osaka, Japan, Bloodtype B)

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