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Monica Valerie Stucchi (born ) in Milan, singer, best known as Valerie Dore. She start fame during the mid 1980s as part of the Italo disco and became influence for many European disco.

Stucchi worked as graphic and was an hobbiest singer when she was discovered at 20 age by the famous italo producer Roberto Gasparini. At that moment she was a singer in a group where Bruno Guaitamacchi was banjo's leader. They was called "Watermalon string band" and played Blue Grass in underground's pub at Milan.

Monica Stucchi chose the Artist name "Valerie Dore" and became to work with Nicolosi for her first song, "The Night", that was part of the slowly and sweet style of Italo Disco, after called "romantic dance". Monica Stucchi and her song became an unexpected success and touch hit in the European charts and sold over 1,500,000 copies. In 1980s years Valerie Dore was an eccentric stage Artist, with an impressive looks and moviment; her "new romantic look" became as a new style look for lots girls in Germany, French and Swisse.

In 1984, the important music's Italo newspaper "Sorrisi e Canzoni", give to her a prestigious prize as one of the best new Artist of the year. Second song, "Get Closer" , shared identical arrangements with "The Night". "Get Closer" also made it to the European Top 10. Valerie Dore's third single "It's So Easy" was her third consecutive top 10 hit in Italy and Switzerland. In 1985, in Italy, she won the tv show "Azzurro" in a group with some other international artists. In 1985 Valerie Dore chose to change staff because in studio they did her some terrible abuse and because she doesn't like to have again so similar sound.

In winter 1985, in an old castle near Milano, in Carimate, Monica Stucchi started to recorder an LP with a new group: Simona Zanini (lyrics) and Marco Tansini (music). The result of this new partnership was the first sound of its kind in all the world: traditional celtic sound join with disco/pop. They made an concept album ( 10 songs not only disco dance, but also pop and some with emotional soul like new age) dealing with the legends of King Arthur. "The Legend" is considered to be the best Italo Disco album and one of the best to be released in the 1980s. With romantic-synth sound and a new seductive little bit dark but sweet , enriched with live instruments and Celtic folklore elements, it was a very refined album. The first single to be released "Lancelot" (Italy hit 9) confirm Valerie Dore as an Artist absolutely original in Disco contest. Lancelot is the most commercial song of the LP. Its follow-up "King Arthur" was a moderate hit outside Italy and chose , from RAI, as signature tune of the best of Italian Hit parade music's tv show called "Discoring". "Magic Rain" and "Bow and Arrow" were radio hits. The sword inside the heart is an excellent duet made with Stefano Fossati.

Monica Stucchi is the first Artist in the world who join storical sounds and look at the usually "futuristic" discoteque's style. After her, lots singer and Dj became to using storical sound in their works. Every stage expression of Valerie was so full of eccentric romantic feeling that some journalist became to call her as "Queen of the new romantic italo dance style"; now Monica rest in the musical story as the great iconic of that particular 1980's style. In 1986 she was n?6 in an "Sorrisi e canzoni" public preference list of the best italian female artists.

In 1987 Valerie Dore left also her producer Roberto Gasparini for tipical money's problem; started an legal action to him who she won. For an new interesting proposal, she was called from KP Schleinitz and Ralph P. Ruppert. She went in London only with her young love.

In 1988, in London, Valerie Dore recorded "Wrong Direction". Monica Stucchi produced it by herself with her future husband, Mauro Zavagli, in their new disco label "MZM PRODUCTION", MauroZavagliMonica. Realized in studio by Ralph Ruppert and playied from some great musicians like Nick Beegs from Kajagoogo and Marck Price, the record made it to number 23 in Italy, not more because, unexpected, Valerie Dore choose to stop all promotion publisced by EMI ITALIA and stopped all new pubblication in every other part of the world. "Wrong Direction", written by Dave Libby, is an early example of energic music and is considered to be Dore's best song and one of the most underrated songs of the 1980s.

For give normal and wormer chances at her life, she chose to do an temporary stop at her frenetic Star business as Valerie Dore. in 1989 chose to get married and then left Italy for to know the really poor world.

New directions

In 1990-91, Monica and his husband were in Madagascar where casually started an collaboration with an local group, for to record a new LP in caraibic style. But, after some contact with some big Italian discografic of very important international label companies, she understood that, for that time, her new dance sound was too much out of the Italian business mentality; naturally she was in the right direction because, in two or three years, has became the revolution dance style of caraibic and latino americano.

In 1992 the Zyx label released Dore's The Legend retitled The Best of Valerie Dore with bonus tracks the extended versions of her dance hits "The Night", "Get Closer" and "It's So Easy", plus two remixes of "The Night" done by DJ Oliver Momm.

The year of the other

While Valerie Dore was far from the world music, 16 years, some singer in the world use and abuse the Artist name of Monica Stucchi. None ask her,in anytime, some permission for do all of the thinks that they did with her famous artist's name. She didn't know nothing about nothing. It's for all of this abuses that there are lots wrong version of Valerie Dore's Biography, with little and very big falsity.

These are some of the abuse: -In 1993 Valerie joined the French euro disco group Excess which made new house-techno versions of her biggest hits "The Night" and "Get Closer". The project was unsuccessful. -In 1998 a new version of "The Night" was released. Dore was offered several one-off shows in night clubs because of a new interest in Italo Disco in the new millennium.

Valerie Dore's RETURN

- November 2006 : the really Valerie Dore returned, unexpected, in one Italian compilation with a new song "How do I get to Mars?". Unexpected she showed herself in an really inmoust personal web site (at the moment only in italian languages) who moved big interest round the world.

In 2007 , for 5 month, she did the first serious therapeutic Italian radio reality for to stop smoke sigarettes, in best "Radio 24" ... because she was smoking from 16 years. She wanted try to istigate more persons was possible in do this right choice. She is the first Artist in the world who has did an reality secretaly.

In 2007 she recorded two single that choose to stoped, as every contact in music world, for don't leave her lovely father during his sick agony.

Meanwhile, in her little home studio, she doesn't leave music and has composed lot's new song.

Now, at the end of 2009, she is preparring a new pubblications.


Her album "The best of Valerie Dore" was rereleased in 2001.

German electronic band Scooter covered "The Night" which became a huge dance hit in 2003. Electronic group Recall also made a version of "The Night". With five million of her singles and albums sold, Dore's name featured prominently in compilations that included her work.

Swedish recording act Sally Shapiro cites Valerie Dore as one of the biggest influences in her music, an update of the italo disco style with electro-techno production styling. A promo poster for Valerie Dore's Get Closer appears tacked to the wall in Shapiro's video for "Jackie-Jackie (Spend This Winter With Me)".

French house artist Play Paul sampled "Get Closer" in his house music tracks, "Spaced Out I" and "Spaced Out II".

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