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Verdena is an Italian alternative rock band originating from Albino, Bergamo. As of May 2007, they have released four full-length albums on Universal Records.


Alberto (guitarist) and Luca (drummer) are brothers, and have been playing together for 10 years. When Roberta (bassist) joins, the band is complete. In 1999 they record their first LP, and they begin to tour almost everywhere in Italy, while their first videoclip "Valvonauta" is on heavy rotation on MTV and similar TVs. Their success comes from the unique mixture of punk fury, rock attitude, melodies and a bit of psychedelic taste.

The rehearsals in their henhouse takes to the creation of a second LP, "Solo un grande sasso", which contains longer songs and more guitar solos, and proves a growth made by the band.

In 2004 a keyboardist, Fidel, joins the band, and in the same year the third LP, "Il suicidio del samurai" is made. This record has a much more rock-oriented attitude, and is less punk influenced.

In 2006, Fidel leaves Verdena, and the band goes on as a three piece.

Their last record Requiem hit the stores on March 16, 2007, and saw the band dealing with stoner and psychedelic influences.

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