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XYZ is a hard rock band, formed in the late 1980s. XYZ started off as the unofficial house band of "The Whiskey", a nightclub in Los Angeles. The original members were, Terry Ilous (vocals), Bobby Pieper (guitars), Patt Fontaine (bass) and Joey Pafumi (drums). A tour of the US with Enuff Z'Nuff and Alice Cooper followed the success of their debut album, and they were signed by major label, Capitol for its second.


The band played clubs throughout the mid 1980s, and first got a record deal in 1989, with Don Dokken as their producer. Terry Ilous's vocal style on the band's first album was very similar to Dokken's. Ilous and Fontaine then recruited Mark Diglio (guitars) and Paul Monroe (drums) to record a new album, which was produced by Don Dokken. The album was released in 1989 and contained the hits "Inside Out" and "What Keeps Me Loving You". Videos for both songs were made and got reasonable airplay. However, the album wasn't an overall success, managing to reach only #99 on the billboard charts. Single "Maggy" was used in a Dolph Lundgren movie in 1990 named I Come in Peace. The next album, Hungry, released in 1991, had even less commercial success. Diglio and Monroe left the band and were replaced by Tony Burnett and Joey Shapiro, respectively. After the next tour was finished, the band went its separate ways once again. They have reunited in various incarnations several times since then.

XYZ recently played the Rocklahoma Festival 2008.

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